About Us

Who we are...

‘BhuvKarma’ is a non-profit foundation, run and managed by experts and specialists from across the world, to promote environmental health by proposing a wide range of sustainable solutions across industries. We offer consulting, research and product development solutions to elevate the natural wealth of the planet, reduce ecological imbalances and environmental exploitation.

Our management team consists of alumni from top educational institutions in India and abroad. Our team brings forth a decade long sustainable management expertise in agriculture, academia, infrastructure, environmental science, social and cultural education.

We are working with stakeholders to lead a wave of innovation and economic growth that safeguards our planet and advances sustainability. We do this by leveraging our thought leadership, innovative tools/solutions, talent, and a vibrant ecosystem of industry associations and knowledge platforms.


Sustainable growth and socio-economic change through

  • Education
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Redefine waste for a circular economy incorporating latest technology and innovation
  • Inculcating sustainable lifestyle among the masses
  • Educate and encourage our future generation in green living practices
  • Design, implement and monitor sustainable practices for corporates
  • Collaborate with cultural organisations, artists and industries to promote environmental sustainability
Sustainability Goals
  • Build Sustainable Living Communities
  • Promote Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Encourage Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Offer Quality Education and Support Employment
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Solution-Oriented Climate Action
  • Increase Access to Clean Water and Sanitization
  • Eradicate Poverty and Hunger
  • Gender Equality/ Women Empowerment
  • Collaboration and Inclusiveness
78,985 Tones Of E Waste Used To Make Medals For Tokyo Olympics

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